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Trick: How To Find Connected Wifi Password From PC or Laptop

how to find connected wifi password
Written by Shoukath

Here I’m going to share about how to find connected wifi password, usually when you are connected in your office Wi-Fi or your friend’s home network you would like to know the Wi-Fi password so that you can connect with your other devices, This is not a big crime but still stealing someone property is not at all good thing. This simple method will help you to find the connected wifi password from your PC or Laptop.

Steps to follow How To Find Connected Wifi Password

Step1: Right Click on the Wi-Fi signal icon bottom left corner wifi of your laptop or computer network.

Step2: Click on the open network sharing and click the wireless network connection which is highlighted in blue link

Step3: Now a pop will appear click on the wireless properties.

Step4: Now again a pop will appear click on the security tab.

Step5: you can see show character check box click that and you can type that password in any other devices to connect the Wi-Fi.

how to find connected wifi password

how to find connected wifi password

If the wifi password says incorrect after finding from your laptop or PC which means the network owner has configured the router Wireless security in WEP Encryption, So that you cannot view the original wifi password using above method. If you want to view the WEP Security Wireless password you have follow this below steps.

Step 1: open up your web Browser and type this below address based on the router.

For Netgear

For TP Link, or

For Dlink

For Belkin

For Linksys

 Step 2: enter the username and password usually it will be like.

Username: admin

Password: admin



Blank(no username)

blank(no password)

Step3: Then Find the Wireless tab and Wireless Security finally you can find the Wifi password on the key tab.

how to find connected wifi password

how to find connected wifi password


Now you can easily connect with the password which you have found from the router config area.



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