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Guide: How to Remove Cerber, Ransomware Decrypt Software

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Written by Shoukath

Cerber ransomware a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. they hack your whole computer from any unwanted software or other resources and encrypt all your Word, Document, PDF, Images etc., and they will ask you to pay to decrypt your files. Here I have found few steps to decrypt the cerber ransome files. I’m writing this blog because I just want to create an awareness and secure their computer from hackers. I have faced few computer which is totally encrypted using .cerber program I have added some piece of content remove cerber and guide to ransomware decrypt.

Remove cerber and ransomware decrypt

Remove cerber and ransomware decrypt

Why hacker wants to encrypt someone’s data?

Hackers are bad guy they just work as a day job to earn money, they hack unknown computers and ask money by blackmailing them they won’t contact owner of the computer they owner itself understand the situation when his computer get encrypted because it’s that much dangerous.

If I pay money to the hacker, will he decrypt my data?

This is very tough question they are saying that once you pay money using the unique link given in your @..READ ME..@ we will provide you a decrypt software. But the thing is they are bad guys you cannot expect honesty from them, if you pay money to the hacker it’s just like playing lottery with him.

How to remove cerber ransomware without paying to the hacker?

As I said before its quiet dangerous program, still you can try to retrieve your data with few methods but I can’t guarantee this ransomware decrypt tools will help you to recover 100% of your files.

  1. Right click on the encrypted file then click on “restore previous version”
  2. Try system restore in your computer. (Once you have done successfully read How to protect against ransomware from below link)
  3. Try shadow explorer this will help you to restore your file to previous version.
  4. remove cerber Ransomware decrypt

      remove cerber Ransomware decrypt
  5. Remove the malicious ransom ware from your computer using this software
  6. Use anti-ransomware software this is pretty cool software to decrypt your .cerber and .cerber2 file, but unfortunately it doesn’t recover cerber3 version.
  7. Try this online decryt website crypto

If you still worrying about your important file I suggest you to take all the cerber file in a external drive and wait for the cerber3 decrypt tool release there are many good people around the web they will release the decrypt tool you just need to wait for it with patient.

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