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Solutions: How to Protect Against Ransomware ?

Written by Shoukath

I have already posted a blog that “How to remove cerber Ransomware Decrypt” I just made it different post to protect against ransomware  for better understanding.

Before knowing to protect your computer also know as how ransomware software get into your computer.

There are various methods to hack someone computer check out below.

  1. Hacker have uploaded ransom ware software around the web, when you try to install any software they get easy chance to enter into your computer, most probably it happens when you try to install any paid software for free from torrents.
  2. Using pirated windows operating system is also main reason, When you use pirated OS, hacker get easy chance to get in to your computer because all the windows updated will be disabled. (All the ransomware attacked system which I have seen in my experience are pirated Operating system)
  3. One more possible way is when you have not installed any antivirus and turned off the firewall in your computer.
protect against ransomware

protect against ransomware

How to Protect against ransomware ?

  1. If you’re using pirated windows operating system try to use original OS.
  2. Install Microsoft security essential enabled with firewall
  3. Install any paid antivirus like kespersky, K7, Norton or any other.
  4. Enable firewall in your computer.
  5. Try not to use unwanted software, pirated software and pirated Operating system.
  6. Scan any software before installing in your computer.
  7. Backup your important file folder, images, pdf, word etc., in external Harddisk Note: cloud drive is not recommended for backup, when you sync from your computer the sync folder also get encrypted.
  8. Turn on your windows update install update patch regularly.
  9. Create restore point whenever you make imported update in your computer or frequently.
  10. Don’t use public network like library, college, coffee shop, etc.,
  11. Be careful when you download any file from your email
  12. Careful when you see pdf.exe file double check with anti-virus before installing it.
  13. Disable RDP remote desktop publishing from your computer.
  14. Disable files running from AppData/LocalAppData folders



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