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8 Methods to Make your PC Faster

Written by Shoukath

How to make my PC / Laptop faster?

Your PC get slow down even you use i3, i5 or i7 Processor Computer/Laptop. When PC get slow People says increase the hardware or it might be virus issue. Yes, you can increase your Memory (RAM) Space of your computer/Laptop but that is based on your usage or even it might be virus issues. Before that there are some decent methods to perform on your computer to make your PC faster.

If you run multiple programs or if you use multiple tabs on your web browser you should have at least 4 GB of Ram space for better performance and also with good processor. If you face same problem on your computer even after installed high end hardware on your PC then just follow these methods before spending money in your PC.


Method 1:

Clean up your unwanted files using Disk clean up.

Learn detail here about hard disk clean up

Step 1: click Start and type disk clean up click on it a pop will appear.

Step 2: Select the drive ex: C: D: or E:

Step 3: Delete the temporary files from each drive by selecting one by one.


Method 2:

Disk Defragmentation will re align file on your hard disk that will make your PC faster up to 40%.

Step1: click Start and type Disk Defragmentation then start fragmenting your drive.

Step2: Ex: C: D: and E: etc., it will take few minutes to inspect then it will show the inspect element to fragmentation of your hard disk.

Step3: After inspecting your each drive then click on defragmentation for your each drive it may take few more minutes to finish.

Step4: You can also enable automatic schedule defragmentation on your PC that will always help your PC to keep fast.


Method 3:

If you’re not patient to do method 1 then try this method.

Erase Temporary files and unwanted file manually.

Step 1: Click Start and type Run or hit Start + R on your keyboard

Step2: Then Type Temp then hit enter a new windows will appear then click Ctrl + A and Click Shift + Delete button for permanently delete.

Step 3: Now Type %Temp% hit enter a new windows will appear then click Ctrl + A and Click Shift + Delete button for permanently delete.

Step 4: Now Type Prefetch hit enter a new windows will appear then click Ctrl + A and Click Shift + Delete button for permanent delete.

Step 5: Also erase files from recycle bin


Method 4:

Configuring your PC Start UP using MS config.

Step1:  click Start + R for Run command then type msconfig then hit enter a window will appear.

Step2: Now click on Services tab you could find hide all Microsoft services check the box.

Step3: Now you could see filtered list of items on the window uncheck all the application on it except your antivirus program or any other your specific program and click apply then OK.

Step 4:  Now click on Start-up tab on it, you could find list of program which is running during start-up of your computer.

Step 5: Again uncheck all the program except your antivirus or any other your specific program then click apply and OK.

Step 6: Restart your computer then you could see good result on your computer.


Method 5:

Removing unwanted Tool bars from your PC

Check whether you installed any unwanted software, unwanted tool bar or any malware software in your computer like Ask Toolbar, Yahoo toolbar, Audio converter, free video Converter, Free vid software, vivid etc., these type of software and tool bar may really harm your computer.

Step1: To uninstall a program from your computer click start type control panel.

Step2: Find Uninstall a program from the list and click.

Step3: Now find the unwanted program or Toolbar from the list hit enter to remove from your computer.

To block installing toolbar automatically on your computer you can install Tool bar blocker software to stop installing on your computer.

Note: After uninstalling Tool bar simply install this tool bar blocker.


Method 6:

Update your antivirus protection and run a full scan.

Every antivirus program should be updated from official antivirus website through internet that really makes your computer safer from hacker, malware, spyware and Trojan viruses. I can’t Judge a good antivirus program because every antivirus program has good work on their performance. If you want to go for any free antivirus I suggest you to install latest version of AVAST Antivirus protection. If you go for paid version I suggest you to install K7 anti-virus because it does decent job than other antivirus program from my verdict.


Method 7:

Reinstall your Operating System.

If you feel the same effect of your computer after doing all the above methods just do reinstall of your Operating system you can find here how to make bootable pen drive using command prompt.


Method 8:

check Hard disk health and replace it

The Last method is performing Health check of your hard disk if you feel the same effect in your PC even after reinstalling your Operating System check your hard disk health using this software Acronics if the hard disk health goes below 60% or if you hear any scratch sound from your hard disk when your computer is ON I recommend you to replace your hard disk.




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