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Solution: How To Increase Sales on eBay

How to increase sales on ebay
Written by Shoukath

Selling on eBay is quiet easy, but finding the right product with good margin is really not easy. I have experience selling on eBay I have faced many problem when I started selling product on eBay. There are some simple tricks to do in eBay account which will really help you to increase selling on eBay. All this tips how to increase sales on eBay just found on my own research and my own experience.

Tricks to follow How to increase sales on eBay ?

  1. Choosing the product category is more important.
  2. Increase the positive feedback try to avoid negative feedback, positive feedback always boost your sales on ebay.
  3. Don’t sale fake product just to make money.
  4. Use the title catchy and unique from other product, use common search keyword at the beginning of the product.
  5. Insert at least 7 images for a product with 600 x 600 pixel.
  6. Describe the product what is it exactly in the description column.
  7. Use catchy sub title.
  8. Don’t lose your hope selling on ebay it takes some time to make it success.
  9. There are some limits and rules to selling on eBay.


  1. Selling limits based on the performance.
  2. Allowed category for certain seller based on their performance.

If you want to know the above details contact the eBay representative and ask for your task to move on to next level on eBay selling.

How to increase sales on ebay

How to increase sales on ebay

  1. In eBay all the sellers are not equal everyone has different criteria you must plan and work according to your criteria.
  2. Make your customer happy and never fail to satisfy them, if the buyer had any problem simply contact them to resolve the problem, even if it’s not your fault ask apologies to them.
  3. Participate on eBay webinar to learn more about selling.
  4. Complete your seller account profile by updating the profile picture, cover photo and description on eBay.
  5. Try to get an account manager on eBay every top seller on the eBay would have got an account manager to support their business. Account manager will be appointed based on the performance of the seller and seller potential. Every new eBay seller will get a welcome call from eBay they ask  few question about your business and your potential you just need to tell that you have million dollar business, even if you have small business this would really help in future.
  6. Make a phone call to the buyer before shipping the product as confirmation call so that buyer will get good interaction and good impression on you, once the product delivered just call them ask “are you satisfied with the product? if buyer say, Yes!” ask to give 5 star positive feedback for you.
  7. eBay is good platform to start selling online without any business documents so use this platform and develop yourself.

All the above tricks has just written based on my experience and what I learnt from the past 2 years as seller on ebay if you have any other better tricks on how to increase sales on ebay just share your idea in comment section.

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