How to find competitors backlinks for free and get backlinks.

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People says blogging is very easy I say big yes for that but making money from blog is not easy. Anyone can start blogging because there are bunch of websites out there to learn how to start blogging. But SEO plays major roll when you come into website, even if it’s a business website or blog. A small analysis say that there are 1000 of blogging website starts every year but only 5 website get success and make money online. Without proper knowledge of SEO you cannot make even single penny from your blog.

Website backlink and keyword analysis are one of the major factor in SEO, so today I’m going to show you how to find competitors backlinks using 4 best monitor tools and keyword research.

4 Tools How to find competitors backlinks


Linkody is a good website to monitor latest backlinks which is pointing to your competitor website. You will get detail report of latest backlink with number of counts and anchor tags.

How to use Linkody?

Step 1: Visit sign up for free trial 30 days.

Step 2: Add your website and your competitor website you can add only one competitor website at the time in free trial.

Step3: Once you add your website in linkody it will start looking for backlink of your website and you will get the result in few minutes.


You will get do follow and no follow link details

Can get link anchor tag

Can export the back links in CSV format (some feature are restricted in trial)

Can get daily mail alert of new backlink.


Only can get latest link, not all backlinks.


This website will help you to find the detail result of backlink which is pointing to the competitor website. This website is also considered as one the best tool to monitor backlink by pro bloggers.

How to use

Step1: Visit enter your URL click get started.

Step 2: You will get detail report of your website backlink below with keyword strength, Pie chart and Bar chart.

This website allows you to monitor 3 website a day for free. If you want to check and analyse more you have upgrade it to premium version.

Bonus tips:

Once your daily trial quota get over simply open incognito in your web browser by pressing Shift + Ctrl + n. Then visit you can analyse one more time in your daily quota.


Good Report

Friendly analysis result

Detail result


Too many restriction for trial users.



Few days back I found this wonderful tool while I’m surfing on the internet, this tool has got wonderful features that will really let you to analyse backlink, search engine position, Competitor position etc.,
Step1: visit website sign up for free 15 days trial.

Step 2: enter your website and your competitor website.

Step 3: Enter your focus keyword (you can add multiple keyword).

Step 4: Then click get result this will take few minutes you can see detail result of your website.

This tool is new to web but it has wonderful feature in it, we have to surf this tool to make use for our website SEO.


Very good features.

Good result generating.

Can get mail alert and daily updates.


Difficult to understand it.

No more cons at the time.

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#1 Market Samurai                      

Google is a father all the SEO tools without Google help no tool will work, this tool understand the concept of all the backlink and keyword so they are using and integrated major tool with market samurai.

How to use Google keyword planner?

Step 1: Download and install market samurai from here in your computer.

Step 2: Get the free trial key and activate 15 days trial period.

Step 3: Sign in to your google AdWords account in market samurai.

Step 4: All done you can start using this wonderful software to find competitor backlink, Keyword Research, AdWords campaign competition etc.,


The best tool for all time.


Takes long time to generate result.

Bonus tips:

  1. To analyse your Backlink of your website you can use Google Web Master Tool ( for free any day)
  2. You can also write a blog based on the trend (ex: Dubsmash) using Google trends it will let you to find most trending topic in Google around the web.
  3. To monitor your website visit and page view simply use Google analytics to get detail report of page visit and site visit your website.



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