4 Easy Ways to Hard Disk Clean up

Written by Shoukath

Hard Disk Clean up on Your Computer/Laptop


When you have tons of data in your PC you can’t store date in your Hard disk so here are some easy methods to hard disk clean up for disk space. There are few methods to clean up your disk but I have found some 4 easy ways.


Method 1: Disk Clean up to get huge number of data from your hard disk.

Step 1: Open my computer right click on C: D: or E: one by one and click Properties.

Step 2: Find the Disk clean up button on General tab and click on it.

Step 3: System will inspect the element on your drive from Temp, recycle and browser cache etc.,

Step 4: Now fill the check box the file you want to erase from your PC in the list of inspected elements.

Step 5: It will take few minutes to erase up, do the same on all your drive.


Method 2: Remove unwanted programs from your PC.

Step 1: Click Start type control Panel find uninstall a program from the list.

Step 2: Remove the unwanted program which you don’t use by double clicking it.


Method 3: Delete your unwanted files and folders.

Step1: Check your downloads, Desktop C: D: & E: driver etc., and erase unwanted file which you don’t use.

Step 2: Erase your recycle Bin permanently Some time when you delete any file or folder by clicking delete button it will be temporarily erased from your computer and it will saved in recycle bin if you want to erase your folder permanently from your computer click Shift + delete button to delete permanently. (Note once you erase the file from your permanently you cannot recover it from recycle bin).

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4 Easy Ways to Hard Disk Clean up

Method 4: Remove Hibernate from your computer if it is enabled in your computer.

hard disk clean up

Step 1: click start type CMD hit enter or press Start + R type CMD hit enter

Step 2: Type the following command in Command prompt.

Step 3: Type powercfg -h off hit enter to disable hibernate from your computer.

hard disk clean up 1

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