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Genuine Way: How to Get More Views on YouTube Videos

Written by Shoukath

Hello all, After long time I’m writing a blog in my website I love to write blog but I’m very busy with my business so I couldn’t concentrate on blog, from today onward I try to write at least 3 post in a week I enjoy sharing my knowledge every time on my blog I hope you love my post today also.

How to Get More Views on YouTube Videos?

YouTube is one of the best source and marketing media online Many YouTube channel make money through their YouTube Videos even many of them doing it as a day job. An Average every person spend at least 1 to 2 hours Watching YouTube Videos. I received an email from my website visitor and asked me “how to get more views on YouTube Video”  I gave some tips to him and I thought to share those tips in my blog so that it would be helpful to everyone.

10 Tips to increase YouTube Views

1. Do Not Spam it

Never make video for robot or just for name sake, make videos for human. People don’t want to waste their time watching scrappy Video Content.

2. Catchy Title With Keyword

Always give a Catchy title to your YouTube Video with the Exact Keyword Search. Add an interesting name that is brief but tells something about the video. Make sure it is grammatically correct. Use Adwords Keyword planner for Keyword Research.

3. Attractive Thumbnail

Using Attractive Thumbnail helps to get more YouTube Videos Some times Your Video Thumbnail tempt to click and watch Your Video. Use Photoshop for editing the thumbnail image.

4. Do SEO For Your YouTube Video.

I suggest you to take an expert advise for SEO There are certain rules to be follow for On page SEO and Off Page SEO I try to write about those topics in future.

Bonus Tips: 

  • Unique Title with Your Keyword. 
  • Adding Keyword in description, see how your competitor wrote their description. 
  • Add some related link in the description 
  • Add proper Tags. 
  • Add exact keyword in the description like this with double quotation eg: “how to get more Views on YouTube Video” and more. 
  • Give some backlink to your video Video This help your video for better search ranking. 
How to Get More Views on YouTube Videos

How to Get More Views on YouTube Videos

5. Do Not Annoy with alien voice

Do not annoy with alien voice in Your Video 😛 sound is importand in the video if your Voice is not good I suggest you to hire someone for Voice over for your video or play BG music choosing from YouTube upload section. Do Not use Copyrighted Music in your video.

6. Monetizing Your YouTube Video

Avoid lengthy YouTube Ads in Your Video Human don’t like ads, I suggest you to enable tiny ads so that people don’t skip those ads and you also get good monetizing amount from Google.

7. Encourage Your Audience

Encourage your Viewers to Like, Share and Subscribe. Likes and shares help your video for better search result. Those things really help you to increase views on YouTube

8. Use Your Social Pages and market Your Channel.

Share your Videos to your social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.,

9. Create Playlist

Create your own playlist of your Video this will help viewer to watch interesting videos continuously

10.  Good Video Editing

Use some Good software to edit your Videos there are many free software available in online.


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