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3 Easy way to get Computer Hardware Information

Written by Shoukath

Easy way to get Computer Hardware Information and Model number
Today I’m going to share how to get your computer hardware information and model number, there are few simple steps to do. Usually it’s very important to know your system configuration because most of the people just use the system without knowing their own system configuration, most probably it will be helpful when your computer or laptop goes wrong with software and hardware.

Method 1: Get Computer Hardware Information

Click the start button and type Run and enter into the run program. A dialog box appears then type dxdiag hit enter then a pop will appear which ask you like below image then Click Yes after few second you find all your system configuration and model number in the DirectX Diagnostic Tools.

Method 2: Find Basic Computer Hardware Information

This method will take some time to generate detail on first time and you will get simple detail of your system information once it generated. Right Click on My computer click properties, then find the performance Information and Tools on bottom left corner of the screen then click view and Print detailed performance and system information now you will get a pop box you can find Hardware information. If you see your system  not run the assessment test click to run it. (Plug in the charger when you run the test in your Laptop).

computer hardware information

computer hardware information

Method 3: Find Complete Computer Hardware information

Here is the just 2 click method to find all the Computer Hardware Information detail click windows button and type run hit enter and type msinfo32 hit enter then you’ll find complete Hardware information in a dialog box, there you can find all the details of your hardware and software by clicking the + symbol under system summary.

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